CM-CIC p@iement secured payment solution

CIC Paiement sécurisé Visa - 3D Secure MasterCard- 3D Secure Carte bleue

When you buy on the internet the whole payment process is handled by the CIC bank website. You temporarily leave our website so that :

- none of your bank details is known by a third party, including ourselves,

- CM-CIC p@iement doesn't know about your purchase details as the total amount of your order and your oder number are the only two information that are transmitted.

What securities does CM-CIC p@iement offer?

CM-CIC p@iement uses the standardised encrypted SSL protocol. When you reach the payment page it should show the following indications:

  • One of these icons should be displayed: logos de cadenas présents lors d'une connexion sécurisée : the padlock should be closed.
  • In the adress bar the browser is in the " https://" mode instead of "http://".
  • When you switch from "non-encrypted" to "encrypted", and the way around, web browsers warn you about this change.

Please check these important indications before you enter your bank details to keep your data safe.

What informations is mandatory to use CM-CIC p@iement system?

The CM-CIC p@iement page will ask you to enter:

  • your credit card number (16 digits)
  • the date of validity of your credit card
  • the visual code (3 ou 4 last digits on the back side of your credit card)

An additional 3D Secure code may be asked by your own bank, with a specific web page, in order to identify your card and card owner.